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Let Us Sort and Shred Your Collection of Forgotten Items

Let Us Sort for You!

The passing of a loved one is an extremely difficult moment. We understand that this time can be more demanding when you need to sort their belongings. You could definitely use some extra help when this time comes.

Send the boxes of your loved one’s items to Mary’s Sort and Shred in Forest Lake, Minnesota, and we will do the job for you. We charge a flat fee of $0.79/lb for most items and $0.50/lb for books.

Our team takes on small jobs, and we cater mostly to families who need a helping hand with a few boxes of retired treasures of a loved one or unforgotten items and documents. We have extensive experience in assisting elderly clients who are downsizing from homes to apartments.

Get in Touch With Us

Every time you entrust a job to us, you are not only helping yourself become more clutter-free. You are also helping us provide an employment opportunity for an individual with mental health disabilities. Find out more about who we are and what we do. Sign up today for more info or reach out to us using the provided contact details.

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