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Re-purpose your and your loved ones' belongings respectfully

Downsize or Declutter Responsibly

Do you have boxes of forgotten collectibles that are just sitting around, using up space in your place? Make use of the extra space they occupy. Bring your retired hobby treasures or forgotten books to Mary’s Sort and Shred in Forest Lake, Minnesota. We are here to help you sort and shred responsibly.

Your Privacy and Security Matter 

Our role is to be your partner in sorting out extra belongings and shredding documents you have at home. Putting a high value on your privacy, we always redact any item with private information. We also ensure that any document with identifying marks will be shredded accordingly. This is our way of protecting you and thanking you for this opportunity to help.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide confidential sorting of household items and shredding of documents while supporting inclusive employment. We want to encourage responsible recycling to our community and for future generations.

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